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    3 Pups on a Walk

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  5. "Body confidence and self love are a feeling, not a size"
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    Another girl being pretty does not make me ugly,

    Another girl being smart does not mean I’m not smart.

    Another girl being liked does not mean I am unliked.

    I am perfect and incredible just the way I am, and any other girl is perfect and incredible just the way she is.

    Girl competition needs to stop, and self love needs to start.

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    this never gets old.

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  8. like-a-candle-in-the-wind said: I love your outfits. I wish I could get away with them.


    Thank you! If you wanted to “get away with them” you could. They key to making an outfit work is confidence!!!

    This just made my night!


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    i need to stop feeling shitty about myself and start thinking of myself as a fucking queen.


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  10. I’m working on being more positive about my body, I could pick and pick and pick about what’s wrong with me but I’m done shaming myself! I see beautiful big woman all around me and it’s about time I embrace my inner confidence!